MTV's sins

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Mein Kommentar dazu: Here in Germany, free TV is the main TV and that is what people talk about. So scrambled TV is socials 2nd class and not seen by many people. Strangely MTV Europe, which had a great marketshare back in the early 1990s, and made the most money with Advertising in Germany, went to Pay TV which was a big drama for all the viewers. Later in 1999 MTV came back to the Free TV, and for most viewer this was a big deal. But the Music was so awefull and the choice of songs were so few - the worst few (besides 1990s Music was bad at all). Even later in 2011, MTV got scrambled again, the market situation changed since now they could be packed into a digital package, so you get MTV even without knowing, or you want MTV and only get it in a package with other foreign stations (neither germany, nor english) - MTV gets your money so or so, so they thought. That was why MTV was sure to be a greater success now in the Pay TV. MTV Germany finally ended airing somewhen, MTV Swiss was leftover with german TV-Ads. The rip off of "MUSIC TELEVISION" from the Logo and the official Name (Yes, M officially no longer means "Music"), hasn't even be noticed that time. When MTV back to free TV this years Jan 1st, nobody noticed it anyway. From the former 4 fully featured famous and successful Music TV stations in germany, Viacom destroyed exactly all 4. That is the f*cking sin!