We have now fully accelerated desktops, we have GTK3 feat. CSS3-stylable widgets - every single one of them is fully customizable. And then we honer f*cking flat-style? hell, what is wrong with people? And what is not flat is imitating Mac OS X classic Aqua style? Where is your fantasy, imagination? The only - really ONLY - theme ever made me think "wow" in 10 years using Linux was "Nerut Dark Equinox" (found on deviantart). This is really poor for the whole Linux community.
Speaking of imitating OS X: there is not just one theme that equals OS X' Aqua style even nearly. Even in GTK3 using CSS3-styles - which makes it more than simple to imitate anything - there is still not a single theme that looks as nearly as good and works consistantly as the original Aqua does. So finally stop it!
Speaking of imitating: even Flat styles are not a unique Linux thing ... it is just stolen from former "Enemy" Microsoft. Even this lazyness in creativity is stolen! Hell!

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