build atari800 5.0.0 on Mac OS X 10.4 up to 10.8

This is a quick and dirty translation of my blog article "atari800 5.0.0 für Mac OS X 10.4 bis 10.8 bauen" into the english language.

Step 0: Install Xcode CLI Tools

I guess you have to find out yourself how to do this.

Step 1: Download, Build, and Install SDL1

Step 2: Download, Build, and Install atari800

  • download and unpack atari800-5.0.0-src.tgz from
  • build and install with ./configure --with-video=sdl --with-sound=sdl
    sudo make install
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard ONLY: ./configure --with-video=sdl --with-sound=sdl --with-readline=no
    sudo make install
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger ONLY: ./configure --with-video=sdl --with-sound=sdl --with-readline=no --with-sdl-prefix=/usr/local
    sudo make install

Now you've got a CLI version - very Linux-style - of Atari800 5.0.0.

make a Mac App Bundle

create folder for the app-bundle:
mkdir -p
mkdir -p
(skip this step because I already did this for) find out what libraries the program uses which are not part of Mac OS X:
otool -L /usr/local/bin/atari800
copy all binary files into the app bundle:
cp /usr/local/bin/atari800
cp /usr/local/lib/libSDL-1.2.0.dylib
make the app use the SDL-dylib from the app bundle instead of /usr/local:
install_name_tool -change "/usr/local/lib/libSDL-1.2.0.dylib" @executable_path/../Ressources/lib/libSDL-1.2.0.dylib

Find the results of this all in the Download-Area.