2 gute Dinge über die 3 großen Player

In dem Youtube-Video How To Cure A Fanboy wirst du aufgefordert, je 2 gute Dinge über die drei großen Player Apple, Microsoft und Google zu sagen.
Schwer, dachte ich mir, aber ich will es mal versuchen: challenging ... ok ... I like Apple for bringing beauty to the Desktop first and made GPU accelerated GUIs the industry standard. I like Apple also for the MacBook A1181 - I now have seven of them.

I like Microsoft for their nearly never breaking ABI - which means binary software can be run on devices built in 1981 until now. It lets me run Software made for Windows 95 on my Windows 10 PC. It lets me run Software that was compiled in 1999 on a 2018 Windows - try that on Linux, where even a source code from 1999 can be totally useless in 2018. I like them 2ndly for the same thing, but not the giant timescale they kept that ABI, but that this fact made it possible to create Open Source projects like WINE - which brings this binary compatibility to Linux, Mac OS X and BSD - even if they didn't it by purpose.

I like Google for their simple and well working Web Search - IMO it simply is the best on the market. And I like Google for their open Android eco system, which lets me install software not just from the PlayStore, but from any source - just like Desktop OSses do (at least at the moment).